The Grammar School at Leeds

We enjoy working with the school's external relations team to support the website and a range of external communications literature.

We were initially commissioned to create a new website for the School and have subsequently worked with them on two school prospectuses, a refresh of their photo library, CMS build to facilitate site management, online application solution, online donation and fundraising facility together with a range of literature to support their events.

We carried out market research to find out what prospective parents really want to know from the school's website and prospectus. The challenge was to promote the school's vast range of facilities and extra-curricular opportunities available to each pupil and in addition to the school's academic successes we needed to reinforce its caring and nurturing learning environment.

School prospectus print design We Are Factory
School prospectus cover design We Are Factory
School prospectus print We Are Factory
Poster design We Are Factory
Responsive school website design We Are Factory